take away white

i have an image that i apply to a face .It has a white background. how do i get rid of this white background? the ‘add’ button doesnt work…it only works with black backgrounds. ha sorry if i explained my problem unclearly.

Basically, you can’t get rid of the white background unless you use an image editor that can create transparency.

I’m not sure I understand you fully, are you using transparency? The format I use for alpha transparency is TIFF 32, if you export your image in that format, it should work…what image editor are you using?

From Daniel

well let me explain my problem more clearly. I imported an image with a black background in the uv/image editor window, and applied this image to a plain. Then, in the editing buttons window, i pressed the ‘add’ button, which took away the black background of the image. Now i have an image with a white background, but the add button wont take it away. I hope ive explained it more clearly. %|

Oh, now I see, just click the Opaque button that’s next to the Add button :wink:

From Daniel

um…that doesnt work…

So what would you like the end result to be? Having a black or a transparent background?

If you want the white to be transparent, I suggest you use ‘color to alpha’ in GIMP and save as a PNG file.