Take it slow!

My animation is moving way too fast for the test animation that I’m working on. I can’t find the right frame speed in order to make the movement more realistic. It’s moving at 5 frames per second. So if there’s any tips or ideas on how fast it should be moving, please let me know.

NTSC is 24fps. I suggest adding more frames in your actual animation (stretch out the keyframes along the timeline as apposed to lowering the FPS).

Actually, NTSC is 30 frames per second, 24 is for cinema.

Ok, so do I move the keyframes to where there’s a pose every 30 frames in order to slow it down?

No, NTSC is just a video diffusion standard.
Just scale all your keyframes along the time as much as you think it’s good enough.

Actually, NTSC is 30.0/1.001 (or 29.97) fps :wink:

To answer the question in the OP, though, your best option at this point would be to use the Dopesheet and scale your key frames. Failing that, the Time Remapping fields in Render Properties is a decent last-ditch solution.

Scaling the Keyframes and using Dopesheets? Is this all in the Action Editor or is this a term I have to start looking up on? Now I moved the keyframes before but scaling the keyframes? How does one do that?

The dopesheet is the top left view when you chose the animation screen-layout setup.

“scaling the keyframes” means selecting all the keyframes of your animation in the dopesheet (shortcut A) and pressing S to scale them.
Be carefull when you scale keyframes, you need to be on the first frame of your animation because scaling is done from the current frame so if you scale keyframes with current frame in the middle of your animation, you’ll get some keyframes before 0.

Fweeb : I knew this correct value, indeed I’ve already got some problems with that with some other 3D softs, converting NTSC PAL videos. :slight_smile:
On the other hand, blender 2.49 displayed 30fps for the NTSC framerate.

@XeroShadow: What version of Blender are you using? If you’re using 2.4x, you’re going to be using the Action Editor. In the 2.5 series, that editor has been morphed and expanded to the Dopesheet. Sliv gives a pretty good explanation as to what you need to do.

@sliv: Actually, in 2.49b, NTSC framerate is correct at 30/1.001 (see the frames per second base field just after the FPS field).

Ok, I got it. I’ll test it now.

Ok I tried scaling the keyframes, but it only moved it further along the time line. Is it suppose to do that?

Yes. Here’s the basic reasoning. In most devices (televisions, projectors, etc.), the framerate is a fixed value. This means that you can’t really adjust the framerate of your animation to change the playback speed. Instead, you have to adjust your keys. If you spread the distance between the keys, then your animation will take more time. Conversely, if you reduce the distance between key, your animation will play faster.

Well, I tried that and it still moved at the same rate of speed. Now I have some separate actions for 2 meshes I’m using. do you think that if I space out the frames on the actions, it would slow down the speed? And what about the Anim/Playback buttons on Blender 2.49B? Will that have any effect on the speed?

Oh, yes I didn’t notice that, sorry for this mistake.

XeroShadow : I don’t understand what is the problem, moving keframes will exactly do the same thing than scaling them.
Just, if your dopesheet is a bit complex, scaling will be easier and more acurate than moving.
Are you sure to scale keyframes enough to see the difference ?

Ok, picture this. All of the keyframes are in place at first. They are in their original position. Then, I scaled them and typed the number 2, making it move two times from the original position. Now, do I need to move it a couple of times to make it slow down enough to give at least the walk cycle to move at a realistic speed?

We can’t tell you a number for the scaling value for your walkcycle because we don’t know how to much fast it is and because there is no standard walkcycle timing.
Each character walks on his own way.
You need to test scaling with a number then if your animation seems too slow or too fast you need, change this value.

But I am not sure to understand your question.

Ok just size and test it out. I know my situation is perplexed and so I will go test out which size makes the perfect fit. When I find the foot that matches the golden slipper, I’ll come back.

Ok,after many attempts, here’s another question. My meshes are walking on a path as well. Is there a way to slow down the speed on the path relation on the mesh? If you need to see a copy of the actual file, I can upload it by request.

I don’t use a lot of animation along a path (especialy in blender 2.49) but I guess you can use the same method to slow down the animation.
Just select all the keyframes (there should be two keyframes I guess : at the first frame and at the last frame) and scale them along the time.
It should work but I’m not sure.