Take My Hand

This a concept of mine for a futuristic robotic search & rescue system. Two bots with drones that can be drop-shipped into disaster / emergency situations to preserve life and extricate victims. Tools and equipment are stored inside of the exoskeleton (more views to come!).

Tools & resources used:
Blender 3.1.2 (Cycles)
Affinity Photo 1.10.5
Industrial Pack from RenderCrate


“Hello, you are in DANGER! Do not panic!”

I really like all the thought you put into the design!

Seeing the one on the left “fully deployed” is a cool way to show off what they can do, and their engineering looks quite believable. :slight_smile:


Hey Arcangel, thanks man!

I can totally see the bot saying that.
(My first idea was to have it display something like “We’re here to help… don’t be afraid!”)

Seems like you really get what I’m going for here - something futuristic but also realistic (believable) in about 30 - 40 years from currently existing tech.

The next render will feature the tools & equipment atop and within the bots’ structure, including:

Drone controller
Grappler + winch
Rescue kit + First aid kit
Fire suppressor
Oxygen supply
Water supplies
Food supplies
Heater + cooler
Inflatable shelter
Blood volume expander
Animal repellent
Saw cutter
Laser cutter

Phase 2 coming soon…

Here’s a render of all the tools, equipment + supplies incorporated into the bots, along with an x-ray view of their placement on or within the exoskeleton.

All items are listed in my previous post, except for a breakdown of two of the kits’ contents:

Rescue Kit:
Lighter + firestarter
Thermal blankets
Flare gun

First aid Kit:
Medicine + injector
Disinfecting wipes
Gauze + wraps

Next up will be an animation showing deployment of the tools, and demonstrating the extendibility & flexibility of the bots’ bodies, limbs & digits…

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Awesome, thanks Bart… you have a good one too!

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Hey all, thanks for the likes and comments!

For the next phase of this project I’ve started a new thread, since it’s a different scene. If you want to see the animation revealing the equipment & supplies, check it out here.