"Take My Wife"

Here’s some more work I did for the UK TV show ‘Comedy Cuts’, to be shown on ITV2 in January. Australian comedian Tim Minchin sang his song to camera in front of a greenscreen and they sent it to me to come up with some kind of animation to go around it. I think they were expecting something along the lines of Aardman’s video for Peter Gabriel’s ‘Sledgehammer’ but I ended up conceiving something a bit more epic! My influences here were the film Innerspace, the opening credits of Fight Club and Monty Python…

Here’s an low-res mpeg file of the complete film. It was actually rendered at full HD resolution for broadcast.

http://www.martylog.com/comedycuts/takemywife_0001_2364.mpg (17MB mpeg video)

I had four days to conceive, model, animate and render the whole thing, and I think it is a testimony to Blender’s speed and versatility that I was able to create a 90-second broadcast-quality animation in that time. It was also an interesting exercise in cheating. In an ideal world I’d love to have used raytracing instead of environment mapping and ambient occlusion instead of faking the lighting, but there wasn’t the time for that. So I’m afraid there’s nothing groundbreaking in the film for Blenderheads to drool over, but the TV people are very impressed and I suppose that’s what counts.


I do think that the very simplistic style suits Tim Minchin very well, and for 4 days work I have to say bravo to you. It was a bit difficult to pick up what was happening to begin with but it soon made enough sense to enjoy it to the end.