Take part in The Great Blender Survey

Hey guys,

I’ve always been curious about who the average blender user is. How old they are, their level of experience, field of expertise etc. But up until now there hasn’t been any formal research or data collected.

That’s why I’ve created…

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All data from this survey will be made public on the 1st of November after presenting at this years Blender Conference.

Read more about the survey at BlenderGuru.com>>

I look forward to reading your responses! Feel free to leave any questions or comments below :slight_smile:

Will be intresting to find out the results, even do it might be hard to reach all categories of people that uses blender (For example there’s a lot of proffesional users that don’t use forums at all). A comment, on the question “why did you start using blender” there miss the alternative “because it’s open source” (not the same as free…)

The CGenie ‘Big CG Survey’ gave a bit of an insight into what blender users were using Blender for, but didn’t have anything about age, why you started using it, etc.

A question I would be interested in seeing stats for is what % of people have donated to Blender, donated to individual Blender projects (such as bmesh) or bought something from the Blender Store.

PS. Has anyone submitted this to BlenderNation?

What I missed most from the topics to be improved was the texture painting.
After the huge improvements done to sculpting the texture painting now looks a bit weak.
And as it seems the corresponding GSoC project didn’t really take off.
That would be an area where I want to see improvements besides the targeted update of the material/render system.

Yes, it is very important to the Blender community to know if I am female.

There are a lot of irrelevant questions on that form dude?

And some important ones left out.

I picked questions that I thought people would be most interested in, as well as things that would be great to learn about ourselves.

I for one have been curious of the women in this male dominated community because we never hear from them.

Yeah, I submitted it. However it was deemed a commercial effort and therefore rejected :frowning:

Hmmm. I started with Blender because I wanted experience with as many 3D apps as possible for when I apply for a job but that wasn’t a possibility :stuck_out_tongue:

I participated, hopefully a decent sized cross section of the community will as well. As Twain said, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.” But the more involved the better!

Good survey. I’ve just completed the answers. :slight_smile: