Take that, EA!

Check out this article on Gamespot: http://www.gamespot.com/news/6198136.html?tag=latestheadlines;title;1

It seems EA is finally getting what they deserve. Seriously though, DRM is the stupidest idea EVER. Thanks to this “piracy protection” Spore is one of the most pirated games ever. How’s that for utter stupidity? :no:

I’m just glad I haven’t bought Spore. I still want to, but I’ll wait until EA gets some sense first.

Well we can’t help it. It just happens, and will happen anyway.

Ewww… I didn’t realize SecuRom went that far.

I’m glad that EA is going to pay for this, but I’m not so pleased that Maxis will suffer just as much because of the mistakes of the distributor.

Opinions will vary among folks.

Wow, EA could lose TONS of money over this and the DRM in other games.

In fact it looks like they’ll lose a lot of customers as long as they keep that stuff in, perhaps even enough to go bankrupt.

Thanks for the fact that I will not get another EA game ever again for the sake of the performance of my new computer.

Yeah. Some people can be feed a bag of #$%@, but if the right person tells them it’s candy, they’ll believe it. Hell, they’ll even fight for it.

How fool the human are:spin:

The only thing SecurRom does is make sure that EA loses a substantial part of its market. It’s not hurting people who pirate or making it harder for people to do so. It hurts the customer and the customer only.

The irony is hilarious. The DRM was put in place to prevent piracy, but has only encouraged it. That seems to be happening a lot with DRM, in all forms of media.

When will people learn that the consumers DO NOT WANT DRM.

How true that is. The amazing thing is that a huge company such as EA hasn’t realized it. Maybe now they will.

My copy is DRM free. :wink:

Say what you want. I dont care.


mine’s too

guess what :smiley:

Changing subject,doesn’t the Spore creature Creator demo SecuROM too,if yes,THIS PROBABLY WHY MY COMPUTER IS SLOW

I wonder if ThePirateBay had a lot of server troubles by everyone getting the Spore pirate so their computer wouldn’t be partly screwed by DRM?

That would happen if and only if the pirate bay actually hosted the files. Though there might be a small rise and people grabbing the torrents, it’s probably nothing more than the site usually handles.

So EA installed something like rootkits on peoples computers?

Torrent files are only a couple of kilobytes anyway, the rest is done P2P. It would take a lot to overload the pirate bay.

And they’re always under that kind of strain. Every time something popular is released (just about every day), they’re instantly barraged with torrent requests.

As surprising as it might sound to you, there are actually people outside of Pirate Bay who crack - and host - illegal software.

The Pirate Bay don’t host the illegal files, tho. They only host the .torrent files. These are extremely small files. I imagine their servers are more taxed by displaying their website than serving the .torrent files.

I think a lot of people pirating it are just people who got caught up in all of the controversy and just downloaded it out of spite. It would surprise me if many of them were actually going to buy the game in the first place. The game has done fairly well in sales as well. The thing that bothers me is that people think pirating the game is the same as boycotting the game, and it’s not. Pirating the game is stealing. A boycott would be doing without the game. Why can’t these people simply abstain from playing the game at all? Do they absolutely HAVE to play every major game that gets released? Do these people need to get a nice slap in the face and lose their computer privileges for a month, forcing them to go play outside with other children for once?

All the pirates are doing in convincing companies like EA that 1) Their game is popular but people are stealing it and 2) this will make them think twice before making another game for the PC. PC sales suck ass. There’s obviously a market on the PC, but people seem more than willing to steal a game if they can.

Take, for example, the fact that the console game market makes about $7 billion a year. The PC market makes less than $2 billion. That’s just software sales. Many people claim that those numbers are false, and that Steam games and MMO games aren’t included. That’s correct. But then, they aren’t included for the console games either. If you add WoW to the figures, something interesting happens: The profit DOUBLES. That’s ONE GAME that people are willing to throw over a billion dollars at every year. If ONE GAME can do that, why can’t any other game do anywhere even remotely close to that? WoW forces players to actually have to pay for the game (there are hacked clients and servers, but that’s not really WoW). Steam forces players to actually have to pay for the game, and I’ve no doubt that that service also make s a ton of cash, tho i’ve never seen numbers for it.

The sad fact is that the PC games market has effectively proven that if you can’t FORCE people to pay for the games somehow, they will just steal it. THAT is why they keep trying to ‘fight’ piracy. I mean, it might not just be that simple, but that’s how these companies see it. The more and more extreme DRM probably will lead to more and more piracy, but that will only convince companies to add more and more DRM in a vain effort to try to force people to finally buy their games. Eventually the cycle will break, and the result will be either a type of DRm that is unbreakable in the short term requiring people to pay for the games, or the game companies abandoning the PC market altogether. The latter has already started to happen.