Take that you facking toasters!

HD renders coming back for my Battlestar Olympia video iPod project. No post, all done in blender thus far.


Comments welcome. Now I’m going back and layering the scene adding more weapons fire, the raiders, the vipers, missiles, and all that fun stuff.

pretty dark, could we get a little more lighting?

offtopic: what did you think about the premiere?


it looks ok. the water on the planets surface doesnt look very authentic, the couds look like they are a texture on the surface of th planet (try making a new sphere slightly above the planet surface and apply it there).

the ship…meh, it looks ok also, but i notice some texture stretching on it, and looks like it needs a few more details to me. and the explosions arent very interresting, one color, no debris, no real reason why they are there.

one last thing, there arent any stars :slight_smile:

That planet looks an awful lot like it was done with Lunarcell in Photoshop… I know because I have the Lunarcell plugin.

It is, I have the that and the starfield/nebula plug in. Granted that’s just a background plate in there and I’m pretty sure it’s not HD. In the final render the planet will be rendered using Blender as a 3D mesh. Sadly my fres effects in blender aren’t quite as good, but it will work. At least for the first episode.

Just two vipers passing through soupy nebula