Take That!

Next door to where I live, there is a screaming girl. she screams for the sheer pleasure of it i think, and she indulges herself in this activity with great regularity. today the screams were eminating like clockwork. one about every five seconds, and after an hour of this i had had enough. in a move reminicent of a cheech and chong movie, i drug my amplifier out onto my porch and plugged in my guitar. i turned the gain WAY up, and proceeded to blast the offending neighbors with heavy metal power chords for a solid 30 seconds. and when i finished,…SILENCE! :smiley: i guess she now recognizes that sound travels. 8)

Mwahahahaha! Well done!

That’s really funny.

Try doing it over the phone if they do it again.

this seems to be a new game among children.

i have noticed a lot of screaming in my neighborhood too.
the kids just stand their and scream, then the have screaming contests who can scream the longest and loudest?
wtf is up with that?

the worst is my neighbors dog, i can listen to kids playing and screaming all day, beacuse i know they are having fun, it dosnt bother me, but every night on the dot at 11pm my a-hole neighbors put their dog outside and he will bark none stop untill 3am, no joke every night, i have called the 311 non-emergency police # a million times, i contacted the city animal control, and they dont do a thing, it was a totally maddening situation untill…i went out and bough a small, but strong fan, and set it beside my bed, turn it on when i go to sleep and dont hear a god dam thing but the sweet humming of that wonderful fan!

so yes i can relate to f-ed up neighbors making tons of noise, but that is what you get when you live in the city…cheap rent and loud neighbors!

Nasty.I like it hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL good stuff Modron


My friend has that problem, he havent done annything about it yet hehe… i guess that will change now :wink:

children will be children…

I have a neighbour who plays loud music some nights. Maybe I should get some screaming children to teach him a lesson ;).

My neighbours are really bad as they smoke, drink, take drugs etc. The dad of the family was sent to prison for abusing his 12yo? daughter. Not sure if it’s abuse though because she’s a little whore.

The parents are separated but they still hang about each other so they get more money off the state no doubt.

They also bought their 10yo son a motorbike of all things. Now him being the little prick that he is, rather than ride somewhere on it, he prefers to sit in his backyard and rev it up to impress his friends (among whom are more little whores and pricks who also make unnecessary noise with their screaming and what not).

Sigh, you just can’t get the neighbours these days.

I see a great anger within you :stuck_out_tongue:


release your anger…give in to the dark side…

lol…or repeat after me, "Serenity now, serenity now, woo-sahh, woo-sahh)


I think it is well recognized that childhood abuse can lead to this type of behaviour in the child.

haha there’s a google ad for sound proof tiling. :stuck_out_tongue:


ill bring it up to them…a new ad idea

“are ur kids sluts and whores?” or ur neighbors kids?

buy sound proof tiling,
as my dad always used to say… “keep the whores out”


Yes, I think all the little piss ants in this neighbor-hood don’t know how to engage in normal discourse. All they do is scream and yell. It’s usually in Russian (most of the kids in the 'hood are Russian immigrants, something around 20 kids even though there’s only 3 familys) and the only name I can distinguish is “igor” (from about 15 houses down is usually where they station themselves for the screaming matches).

Then the stupid american kids perpetuate the problem by screaming louder.

Very annoying.

Then the ice cream truck pulls up (right in front of my bloody house) with it’s 5 second loop blaring into oblivion. This is soon out-done by the neighbor kids’ incessent screaming.

If they aren’t throwing rocks at cars that pass by or screaming at one another they’re pretty good kids.

my ads only offer to teach me Guitar. :stuck_out_tongue:


my ads only offer to teach me Guitar. :stuck_out_tongue:


everyone’s ads must be different, because this is what i’m seeing:


:smiley: i totally feel your pain…our neighbors have karaoke days all day sunday…every sunday. it starts at about 9:00am and continues well into the night. pain! pain in the glaiven!

haha dedknight,

if it is not too costly i will sign up.
can you play so loud that my neighbors dog’s head will explode into a million pieces. i would pay for that shit for sure!


Hey Wu is this situation of modrons gonna make it into a Simple toon?

perhaps the british band… :wink:

i think you need a screaming little girl, and the band blasts the neighours house away (litterally) with their guitars :slight_smile:


I feel sorry for use guys, the worst I get is the pub across the street, drunk guys yelling. But I’m usually fast asleep not to notice. It also helps that the house I’m living in has walls 3 feet thick :smiley:

So i have mostly a silent night :slight_smile:

I use to have neighbours from hell, wasnt really about the sound tho, mainly cause they were like rats, and kept 5 chickens, and the garden smelt awful, luckily we have new neighbours and they are very nice :slight_smile:

Every cloud has a silver lining.