Take the PEPSI Challenge. Tutorial included for the noob.

It is finally completed!

This is a finished project in 2 ways.

  1. The image above, itself is finished
  2. The Tutorial!

Even a beginner noob can follow the tutorial and create a project just like this one.

A few members here have been helping me with this tutorial and have actually completed it. Feel free to post your renderings of the Soda Can here.

The tutorial was really well done :smiley: It’s obvious that you put a lot of thought and work into it. It covers a lot of ground and any noob will learn alot doing doing it from start to finish. I especially like that you did the texturing and rendering as well. Hopefully you’ll have the time to tweak it as the questions roll in.


great tutorial :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


thats one of the greatest tutorials ive seen!

good job!

too bad im not very noob-ish anymore… :expressionless:

GreyBeard Thanks, coming from you that is a great compliment. I do updates on all of my websites.

lilo Thank you too!

roflmao You don’t have to be a noob to try it out.

Thanks for the tut. It’s very well done and cover all the step needed to create something. It should be integrated in the wiki.

spin: i know, but it would have made things way easier back then.

Kick ass tut dude
really helpful for newbies, esp the UV and rendering is well covered.

neat job

excellent tutorial, i know how much time and energy it must have taken to write and render all the infromation, amazing!

these are extremely important, i can remember when i started blender all the hours i would sit and read the tutorials and work on the techniques. things like this were key in getting us all started i’m sure.

great stuff :smiley:

i second the notion that this should get put in the wiki. we should really focus on making that the main source for learning blender. Great Job Spin!

one of the best noob tutorials ive seen, all tutorials should be written like this!

Fantastic job on this tutorial. I wish that this had been around when I started working in Blender. There are so many things in here that I had to go to so many different places to figure out. Great work!!

Spin, you really loved that soda can i did didnt you? lol.

Nice tutorial, a bit too long for my taste but congrats.

Your Soda Can is great!. I am glad to see that the tutorial works!


I ctrl+D’d it.
Or maybe wait. This one’s good enough to download I’d say.
because in a few years some noob is gonna say “I once found this great soda can tut…”
That noob is probably just me of course, this way I can send it to myself and create my own help forum haha!

That was pathetic.

This is a great tutorial- thanks!

The next to the last page seems to be null.
There’s nothing there but an empty page.

Here’s a quick rendering, with photographic film style grain.


@ j0llyr0ger Thank, I fixed that page.

OK, I sort of lied. That grain effect was medium resolution in YafRay. The “burn spots” on the ‘film’, are actually the rivots that I forGot to parent to the can.

Also, I added a few solid black (non-shiny) huge panels behind the camera and off to the side of the scene set, just to add some darkness to reflect into the metallic parts of the can.

Dude, this tut is INSANE :o . i started with blender 4 days ago, and im about to attempt it. i would like to know, however, how to save a render as some immage file so i can post my work :slight_smile: .

I’ll update the Tutorial for this:

Press F3 and save the file. DON’T forget to include the “.jpg” extension.

Thanks a lot, it’s nice to see the pros help out the newbs :D. ill post my work in the finals section