Take your medicin.

A small scene I started on today. C&C pls.

Any ideas of how to make the powder look more like a powder and not like, well i think it looks like concrete. I’m very new to AO so i don’t know so much about it.

If it should be a capsule one of the both parts is a little bit thinner and sticks in the thicker half. In your case both parts are of the same size. In many cases there is no powder in the inside instead of little balls. Those would be easier to build up in your scene. You could spread those using physics. The volume of filling should be the same as the volume of the capsule so you need to add more stuff anyhow.

Or you could select the powder stuff, add a couple levels of multires and then use a procedural noise brush in sculpt mode to give it a bumpy look.

Thanks for the tips! But could someone give me a link for tutorials about that kind of physics? I’m not very good at physics yet.