Taken from the darkness - Free roam - ( Update 1 )

jim Here,

Just gonna edit most of the post to help people understand the game some more.


You had a life you cant remember, not even knowing your own name you wake in a dark damp house with the lighting blocked by planks on the windows when you find a way out of this house you have to find out what is happened and find out who you are…

-: interesting points of the game :-

Fully playable co - op throughout the game ( Effects the gameplay but still as good )
Lead a small army through the waste land ( did i give some thing away :stuck_out_tongue: )
Make relationships with characters throughout the game.
a trade system through npcs and your friend playing with you.

-more info-

Game rating: 18+ ( contains , gore , sex and bad language )
Platform : Pc and xbox 360 ( xbox 360 not certain )

yer i know im not very good at drawing but its only the blueprints for the 3d model :slight_smile:

This sounds extremely, extremely ambitious, games like this are difficult to pull off even for a full team of coders and artists, properly managed and funded, with several years to work. I’m not going to tell you not to try, but don’t expect to end up with something like fallout 3 or HL2.

That said, it sounds interesting- on these forums, at least, there doesn’t seem to be much of an emphasis on story telling, I’d love to see someone here make a game where you get properly attached to the characters and really feel what happens to them.
I might suggest doing something other than the amnesia angle, as that is quite possibly the single most used, over done, cliched, and by now boring video game plot driver. Perhaps the player doesn’t know things about the character that you discover along the way (I can’t remember the game, but there’s one where the main character is actually one of the bad guys, but the player isn’t told this until near the end- the main character as a person knows it all along, though. It’s pretty interesting to see the person you thought you were playing turn out to be so different)

I’m interested in where this goes, good luck!

PS this sounds a lot like Silent Hill, especially Silent Hill: The Room (I think that one’s 3?). Those are some fan-freaking-tastic games.

Captain Oblivion : thanks from your comment and yer i know the memory lose with the main character thing is getting old but i really think it has to stick in my game considering last night i writ up about 5 pages of game events and i dont wanna do it again :stuck_out_tongue:

So yer thanks for the comments

Neither fallout or half life are anywhere near the title of a ‘horror game’.

Gaahhhhhhh!!! Cant anyone these days come up with a original concept for a horror game??? Everyone chooses this option, and I’m telling you, its been well overdone.

Either way, it sounds very ambitious. And yeh, you haven’t actually done anything yet. Writing some basic story and outlines doesnt count as anything.
So make a few levels and characters of a high quality, perhaps post some concept art and perhaps ill have more confidence.

Do you know how your actually going to get the game onto X-box360? As far as im aware no one has done it before with Blender. Im also assuming that your planning to sell this.

I think youve misunderstood how much work goes into a game like this.


-_-, ok, it’s been said a lot. People should seriously show us some progress before they write down just the story on a thread…

I say the easiest way of getting to play your game like an X-box360 is by connecting them to your computer and using python to tell which keys are pressed.

AD_edge said, I think you misunderstood how much work is put into making a good video game. Many people are working on a game, not just one. You need a full team of artists and programmers to achieve what you want to do…

I wish you good luck anyways,

Im kinda over the games made by studios of hundreds of artists and programmers. It makes the games lack soul.
Preferably games should be made by smaller teams, anywhere from 2-20 people at most. Even 1 person can make a really good game, but you have to have better than ‘really good’ skills :wink:

Anyways ontopic… :cool:

Really? I don’t remember anyone ever using that plot device before… but then I also don’t remember my name… Hey! where am I? What’s going on? Why am I in this small, dark room…


You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike.

Lol Im not sure if you were being entirely serious about anyone ever using that plot device, but heres a list of 64 commercial games which use it - http://www.mobygames.com/game-group/amnesia-themed-games

Add to that the amount of beginners around here who start games which focus around a amnesia based setting, and youd have at least 1064 all up :wink:

gosh people on this forum have no confidence in others and i have almost finished the main character model so yer as soon as thats done im all set on making the things around the world , thanks for the comments anyway.

Update 1 : have re designed the main character

*Next update *

Create the main characters 3d model and add a walking animation *

Draw up the House at the beginning of the game and create it in 3d *

add a mouse look script to the main character *

Its not that we dont trust you personally, its just the hoards of people in the past who have tried overly ambitious projects, much less ambitious than this one, yet still completely fail.

So excuse us for not having much confidence at all, if you get a large amount of work done and show this is a serious project then maybe people will start feeling different.

You say the game is going to be rated M, but if it has X-rated scenes like the plain use of the word sex suggests then you’ll have to change the rating to AO and you may not be able to post it on this forum at all.

Also, a few sketches isn’t going to tell us this game will be a successful project, show us gameplay and working levels to prove you’re more than the typical dreamer who thought up a project too big for his abilities and time.

AD-Edge : I really do understand what your saying i have seen a few people leave an unfinished games but have some trust in wip projects mabie if you give them grace they might get it finished .

Cybory Dragon : X- rated umm… i guess your right mabie i should have a censored version and an uncensored version.

and about the sketch thing i have said that i have almost finished the Main charaters model and his animation so yer just wait for the other update …