Taken The Ship ( temp name )


Hi, where do i start… ok so i have been working with blender for a couple of years now and have not really got into making a full blown * finished * Game … or anything really , i get bored very easy so i stop doing somthing and start doing somthing else.

this project wont be stopped because friends and family think i am good at blender and they said to me you must make a Full product by the end of 2010.

so i am now being pushed forward to stick at somthing.

anyway to put it very basic i searched on google " blender game engine forum" and it came up with this so i will be using this as a progress thread.

Any way on to the game

The game :

my game is going to be a first person shooter ( can switch to thrid person view )
with an action and horror experince. its about a space ship which has lost contact with
a station on earth for a couple of weeks then all of a sudden the station gets a short video explaining their situation

– Uh…Ple…Please help us Our… Shi… Ship… has …Somthing …on …it
…i…i…think… its…some…sort…of…Alien…Or…Somthing…Please…Send…Help –

as Tom Myth ( temp name ) you go into space and find the spaceship
to bring it back to earth :slight_smile:

Ha i am very bad at starting out but i think that was pretty good.

Story :

your Player’s name is Tom Myth – temp -
spaceship pilot / Engineer

sent on a misson to get the missing space ship back to the station on earth.

i think that sums up the story .


Tom Myth - your player -

Rose Myth -your wife which died a year before -

Rick and Bob - futuristic cops which are sent to get you from your home -

General Dave - the one that sends you alot of info while on your misson -

and their are going to be a couple of surivors on the ship which will have all kinds of names.
Enemys : all temp names *

Grip - a very small monster whch grappels onto you and sucks your blood -

Screamer - a human which as be turned to kill humans, while they run they scream

Bulk - a Huge Beast which smashes through anything to get to you

Crawlers - a very weird looking monster which goes into vents and small places
to suprise their pray

i think their will be a couple more but for now thats it

---- please dont say i copied bulk and screamer with the monsters on l4d… they are
going to look totally different and thats their temp names —

Features :

5 different weapons –

Stun stick


pistol - colt 45. or a revolver not sure yet :eyebrowlift2: -


Machine Gun

Simple Yet Powerful A.i

  • enemys will have a set of waypoints but when they see you ! you better run -

    Some nice graphics

  • i will try to make it look as good as possible -

    And A very Scary Experience

  • i want to make you feel very alone when on the ship just to make it more scary -

Ok i think thats enough details For now , i understand how long it is going to take but if i get some help mabie i can get things done quicker !

Things i need help with :

1.could Use some BluePrints for the models ( you would have to draw them yourself )

  1. need a good scripter

  2. need a Artist with any experience, For creating the banners , logos , main menu , loading screens etc.

  3. need a music and sound creator ( i think thats called a composser :o )

and if anyone has experince with any other parts of the Game Creation Hobbie then feel
free to PM me.

Anyway in a couple of weeks i will have a website up and running for the updates

please feel free to PM about anything which is to do with this Project

PLEASE NOTE : My spelling is not the best so i might have a couple of mistakes :o

This is a your player which is a temp :



The end of 2010 is quite some time away. Well I think it is good that you have the push to do it!

Good start.

Sounds good
about what year does this take place in?
Your off to a good start, I hope this doesn’t die like a bunch of things on here.

those guys aren’t very high poly. You should make the arms, hair, legs, etc. connected to the main body, not just overlapping

Hey jimb133, welcome!

I’d like to help you but I can’t since I’m currently working on my own game but I can give you some advice. I don’t know if you already made game in any other engine or even level design in a level editor of an actual game like Unreal or HL2 but, before you start you must understand basic concept behind games.

Once you do that, you can easily find how to make these concept work in Blender right here on the forum. People have posted a lot of ‘templates’ that can be used to prototype your first pitch. You really should do that because, design might change as you go and it will surely do, and when it does, better not to have spent too much time on something that’ll be useless in the final game.

First, prototype, prototype, prototype. You’ll learn a lot on how to do things and it’ll give you ideas on how to do it in a better way for your game.
Second, it’s useless to spend times on models and textures at the beginning, unless it’s the base behind your gameplay. Start playtesting asap with something functional, and post it here to get comments and help.

More to come!

Remember, the whole point in making games, it to learn how to make better games. Start small and add feature once the ones you have work the way you want, and stick to them.

Remember that too, if you don’t keep us posted with update on your progress with actual screenshot or demos, the thread will loose readers and your interest in making the game may drop too. Keep us posted! :slight_smile:

Cya and good luck!