Taken your advice!

Hello everyone, recently i posted asking for guidence and i was told to create a short animation… which i liked the sound of, so i thought to myself that i need some sort of scene… i cant make scenes!!! :no:

BlenderGuru help?!?!?! so yeah i followed one of his tutorials
Something about out door lighting and explosive things :smiley:

I thought watching a tutorial and copying from some guy isnt an improvement, i didnt learn anything did i? :open_mouth:

Yes i did, i learned how to do this…

What do you cool people think about this? :slight_smile:

P.S Explosive Barrel things are there, thats what i did in the tutorial :slight_smile:


Cool crates imo.
And yes you definitely learn something from following tuts…
Follow some more and you will learn even more.

Update on boxes image what do you think? :slight_smile: