Takes too much time to select an armature object

I recently got a new computer and am experiencing a problem that I didn’t have on my old computer (which is broken, so I am unable to go back to using it). When I have several complex armature objects in an open file (including an untitled file that has not yet been saved), it takes about ten seconds to select any object. I am unable to do anything else in Blender during that ten seconds (when I left-click the mouse anywhere, the Blender window turns blank and contains “not responding” in the title window until the ten seconds are over). This problem happens even to objects that are not armatures, and even when armatures are not on the screen. This happens in any viewport shading mode, including bounding box mode. In addition to object mode, this happens in pose mode when I try to select individual bones. However, it doesn’t seem to happen in edit mode.

Also, the old computer used Windows 98 and Blender 2.45. The new computer uses Windows Vista and Blender 2.48a.

might be a graphics card issue

make sure you have all the drivers up to date

I updated the drivers on my video card, rebooted the computer, and the problem still happens. When I attempted to search again for driver updates, Windows says that the best driver software for the device is already installed. I have an ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics card. After viewing the page about this card on Wikipedia ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radeon ) it appears that it is OpenGL compatible. However, I don’t know how much memory the graphics card has.

The stock answer I’ve been giving is: Make sure Aero is turned on, and if your video card has a control panel or utility like nTune or NVIDIA Control Panel (I forget what the ATI tool is called), make sure Anti-Aliasing is turned off.

I’m not sure how often this fixes various problems in Vista, such as slowdown/lag and weird re-drawing problems.

I found a control panel for my graphics card called Catalyst Control Center. I couldn’t find any references to aero. I found options related to anti-aliasing, but none seemed to be options to turn it on or off. There is an option called “use application settings” which is checked. If I uncheck it, I am given an option called “temporal anti-aliasing” and a slider called “level” which goes up to 2X. There is an option called “Enabled Adaptive Anti-aliasing” which is unchecked. If I check it, I am given a slider that ranges from “quality” to “performance” and a dropdown menu that I can choose between super-samping and multi-sampling.

“Application controlled” should be fine.

If you don’t know how to turn Aero on and off, it’s probably not the problem. You can still check, though.

Control Panel > Personalization
Window Color and Appearance
Open Classic Appearance Properties for More Color Options
Among the choices in the list here should be “Windows Vista Basic” and “Windows Aero.” Click Windows Aero to enable it.

Surprisingly, some Blender users report having Aero turned off can make Blender go slower. Unfortunately, that’s all I’ve got.

aero is a windows vista display type - desktop effects (not graphics card setting)
similar to Linux’s Beryl


make sure you turn it on
(I had to turn it off in Ubuntu to get Blender to display - otherwise it turns black all the time)

I don’t know anything about your card or Vista but I’m sure somebody has the same one and is running blender

Just to clarify - it may be another problem but the reason I think it is your Graphics card (or settings) is the fact the screen goes “blank”
(what actually happens, does it go black or grey or white or what?)

I would also search the forums and google for weird Vista blender problems

I tried this and Aero was already on.

The screen goes black. The taskbar at the bottom is still visible, and the bar at the top (the bar that says “Blender” then the filename at the left, and the minimize/maximize/close icons at the right) is still visible, and the cursor is still visible, but the rest of the screen is black. Also, the cursor changes from an arrow to a ring (I think this happens when the computer is busy).

I found this thread http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=141154&highlight=radeon+armature which seems to describe the same problem that I have. A suggestion there that didn’t come up on this thread is the number of faces could be too high. However, the problem still happens even when I just have armatures in the open file and no meshes. I found another thread http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=23281 about problems with ATI cards in general when used with blender, and it suggested putting an extracted copy of a .dll file in the Blender directory. I did this and there was still no effect.

I just tried a solution given in the thread http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread?t=56932 to use a driver from nvidia and then rename it atioglxx.dll and this solved the problem that I was having. However, it created another problem, but the new problem is still a lot better than the old problem. The new problem is that it takes about second to erase menus. When I open a menu, it seems to appear instantly, but when I close it, I can see the menu being erased from bottom to top, which takes about one second. This is a problem that I can live with (unlike the old problem which made it impractical to use armatures), but it would be nice if there was a way to fix it.