Taking a Leap of Faith (2nd render added)

Sometimes taking the leap also means to believe in yourself

Alternate pose:

Pure Blender 2.44.

Thank you for viewing my work,


Very Very Nice. Your Blue is looking too sharp.

Thank you for sharing it :slight_smile:

This is really cool, only the legs look abit ‘small’ i guess, or i don’t know, but there is something wrong with the legs…
anyway this is a really cool image Robert, nice work

kkrawal: Thank you very much, kkrawal. I did want the colors to be bold. There are definitely some impressionistic/expressionistic choices that were made here.

ColeZero: Thanks! The body arches up toward the camera, so the legs are most affected by this choice of perspective, followed by the arms, which are back to the sides.


Tsk tsk, definitely less great than the others. (Sorry… couldn’t help saying that.)
Has he had some sort of injury/amputation? His legs seem to end a bout 1/3 of the way down his shins.
Maybe change the colour of the ski poles for a higher contrast against the background.
Also, it may be his legs, but his body looks too fat in general.
And if I’m right there’s a slight blur around his head, but that seems to give me the impression he’s going backwards.

It’s still an ok picture, compositionally and everything, but with some changes it would be better IMO.

Edit: And I don’t think the legs are all perspective. You can see that by where the boots start (ski boots aren’t that high as far as I know).

It’s nice and all but I personally think the blue’s a little deep and poles aren’t very visible, but anything here was probably your choice to begin with.

What i really like is his facial expression, its simple, but awesome, i don’t know, but i need to smile, if i look on his face.

His forearms and hands look way too proportionally small, as does his legs

blenditall: The angular perspective I chose for this resulted in more than the usual foreshortening. The attached ortho views shows how the character actually appeared in Blender before posing and perspective.

Cyborg Dragon: Yes, these are the choices I made.

ColeZero: Thanks!

Jeepster: I attached some orthogonal views.



The position you character is in is very rigid. You could get more flow in to it by hunching his shoulders a bit and bending his upper body more forwards.

Hippie: Thanks, Hippie, for the comments. The central pose I needed in this one was one with a hint of hesitation yet determination/resolution to do what needed to be done (to “take the leap”). I could not have this person resemble a professional skier doing a smooth and routine dive, so the character’s overall body language needed to be slightly stiff and tense yet yielding ultimately to the fateful leap. Not at all easy to portray :slight_smile: I did at one point have the character in a more pronounced hurling motion toward the camera, but the legs were nearly hidden at this angle while the arms appeared odd being behind and overly foreshortened, so I tamed the angling by about 20 degrees and decided the “pull in the action” more through the camera’s lens settings. I continued rethinking and revising over this past week until everything felt right to me.


I still think his position is a bit too stiff, like someone has shoved a broom stick… well, I’m sure you can fill the blank.

awesome work!

The only thing that bothers me is that the little stripes around his head to give it the in-motion-feeling are pointing are the wrong direction. Once you focus on that it seems like he is moving backwards and not forward.

He could definitely do with a more dynamic pose - but I don’t think that is as much of a problem as the way the model conveys the pose. The current rag doll look along with the lack of even a hinted musculature to his body really fails to convey your desired impression for me.

He doesn’t so much look like a person willfully taking the plunge as a stuffed toy falling from a cliff.

These crits might seem a bit harsh, but I do feel that your characters are by a long way the weakest part of your art (the 3 star rating for this character oriented piece would seem to bear this argument out). In order to keep up with the level of the overall presentation the man should have a lot more form to his suit, whether you choose the legion creases and wrinkles of baggy clothing, or the hinted underlying physique that would be apparent on even padded tight fitting clothes. As I said before, he looks like a stuffed toy at the moment rather than a person.

I love your style, but even with the few degrees you always tack away from realism the man should be better IMHO. After all, art is about the message and impression - and this fails to convince or inform, I’m afraid.

Maybe a series of simple human character studies would be helpful to improve that area of your art.

Best wishes,

<EDIT: second pose appeared while writing - it looks better but I believe the above comments still have relevance.>

Hippie: Haha, I know what you mean :slight_smile:

mrcool: Thanks! I liked the reverse look for a few reasons, things like thought before action and visualization. Technically, it’s the initially keyed scene for the vector blur. The second render (now posted above) shows the more typical and proper vector sweep/motion blur.

ajc158: Thank you for your detailed feedback. I know I have much to learn and work on, and I will keep trying.

I have added a second render from this project in the top post.

Originally I had considered creating a progression of three to four images with a running narrative about making the choice to take the leap, but only the two middle images (the first and now the second render posted here) came closest to the story I wanted to tell.


His face is totally wacked out. Really ruined it for me, I’m afraid. :confused:

Awsome stuff RobertT. I like a lot of your other work better, but you’re getting a lot better at human faces. Sweet stuff man.

Hello RobertT,
Hey good attempt there. I love how you are not afraid to tackle things that are not neccessarily your strong suit. How else does one get stronger, right?
A few critiques:
As has been stated the physiology of the human needs some work, I agree with what has already been said, so I won’t repeat it. Right now, the body looks like a woman’s, the face more male. If you put a female face on the body you might not have to change anything! :0)

I have a couple of critiques, as a skier. First, anyone who does not know how to ski should not be going off that cliff!!! lol! Second, I’m not a professional skier by any stretch of imagination, but I have gone off a few cliffs. I can tell you right now that it would take a miracle to land either of those drops in your render! :0) I realize you want to convey the sense of leap into the unknown, but it looks more like a base jump on skis… with no parachute. Doing that extreme stuff is always a leap of faith, maybe a wider angle showing a huge drop, with the skier in proper form would give a more convincing impression. Bold colors, composition, so on is all up to you. (actually, it all is really. :0) hmm, just got an idea… what if you were to rotate the camera to be a worm’s eye view, looking up at the skier. How would that look. Maybe an extreme enough angle would give the impression you are looking for. oh, the helmet is huge!
BTW, I love the snow and the cliff, great work on that!

About the cliff I do notice it does seem like the snow would just fall off of a surface that steep. You can do slope detection in the node editor, and use it to expose some rock on the steepest cliffs.

Very interesting and original. I don’t really have any other crits than what has already been stated. 4*s