Taking a selfie at penal colony #8

One soldier could not resist…

This render just looks random, What am I supposed to look at??

I’ve seen your work here before I made an account and always wanted to say I really love it! It’s like what a surrealism artist from back in the day would make if they had they had the same tools we have.

The details are great, but the overall composition is a mess. Before your next project, do a little sketch on the render window with the grease pencil. I think you’ll find the resulting image will be a lot easier to read.
Really solidly surreal though. The hard shadows and minimal GI which would ruin a normal picture instead add to the stark madness of the scene.

Hey thanks for your comments and crits :slight_smile:
As to what to look at, just get into this world
and look around at everything - it’s fun!
And as for compositional mess, this was totally
intentional. There are many stories going on at
the same time here - just like life, messy yes?

The things that really stick out are the overly bright beach balls and the very low-res ground (the latter looking like a placeholder that was never removed).

The random lensflares also seem to stick out, with some rework and reorganizing, this could become something decent while remaining weird.