Taking it from BGE and playing it elsewhere

I can’t find any information on how to take the basic game build from BGE and play it on another computer. Would somebody please point me in the right direction for tutorials or explain it here if it’s simple.

here it is for windows http://www.tutorialsforblender3d.com/GameDoc/RunTime/Runtime_1.html

that will work on every operating system. (if using mac osx or linux do everything but the 5th step)

Its actually more simple than that just click file in the top left corner then save as run time. That’s as simple as it gets :slight_smile:

yes but in linux you have to have the dependencies and that is blender and python and everybody does not have it installed… so on linux you have to create the env variable with the libraries or create the deb package or rpm package…

I thought we were talking about a standalone game?

yes in windows is that simple you just copy the necesary ddls to the folder and it will works… iin linux it’s diferent and in mac os i think too… but it will work if the user have blender installed…

OK now I feel really stupid. Save as runtime isn’t an option in my pulldown menu. I’m using 2.53.0 r’30581’

Is this function broken in this version or am I just blind?

]Unfortunately, the 2.5+ series does not support the “save as runtime” option. I believe this is temporary, to be implemented later on, maybe when it hits a stable 2.6.


In linux or mac osx all you have to do is file-> save game as runtime… in all of the previous versions of blender.

So if I’m going to need to have a full interactive 3D environment for an architectural visualization I can forget about using Blender 2.53? I’m about 7 weeks out from needing to have a full build complete and I’m doing this pretty much on my own.

Here is an experimental script that I have been working on the bring the functionality back:

It currently supports Windows and possibly Linux (haven’t tested), but not OSX support at the moment.

Just drop the script into your addons folder and enable it via the addons menu in the preferences.

edit: Looks like BA doesn’t like ********, so I’ve put up a pastebin link instead


Is the blenderplayer reasonably stable in the official 2.53? I ask because the official Linux builds were apparently built with “WITH_BF_PLAYER = False” and I’m wondering why this is the case.

At this moment it’s somewhat stable, and in the current trunk it can be built. However, in Windows, the Blenderplayer has the following problems that I’m aware of:

  • Crashes on exit (ie, when you press esc)
  • Fullscreen mode has some weird offsetting problems.

Okay. Thanks. I think I’ll use this as an excuse to finally learn how to compile Blender. Once I’m successful, I’ll let you know whether the same problems exist on Linux.