Taking over the world with Blender 2.79b

Well well well hasn’t 2021 been an interesting year? I personally can’t help but feel very deflated after the past 2 years. Our world has been thrown all over the place and there has been a massive shift in the way mankind as a whole functions.

I believe that a new world is about to unfold and with this comes great opportunity. With that in mind we all must make improvements to our society and our home. Get in on it while you can, this is a good chance for everybody worthy to make a difference.

I’m going to start by taking over the world with Blender 2.79b.

Below is an image from blender and it contains a very special shape.

This shape regardless of its inner or outer complexity has become a symbol I use to visually describe to others life.

As I am a very new presence on this site I can imagine the skepticism running through your mind. Well what I am about to do here I hope can help somebody somewhere. And that is my only goal.

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