Taking to Long to Render

I have a simple scene i want to animate. Its pretty much a square running into text. Raytracing are on and it takes about 1 day to render 6 frames. I’ve animated something much more complex before and it took much less time. I turn off raytracing and it only takes a few minutes. Is there something i can do to make it go quicker.

how many lights do you have in your scene?

you also might try to convert the text to a mesh to see if that helps
(make sure you save your work before hand)

also what specs are you running?

tuen off also SSS or any other thing you are not using, maybe rendering in the Image editor instead of a separate render window can help.

you can select rendering from the Image editor in the output tab ;D

try tuning the octree resolution maybe it speeds up

In a word… “cheat.”

For instance… when you refer to “frames,” I presume that your project involves animation. Okay, “is the camera moving, too?” If not, then you only need to render that background once. You can composite all of the motion in front of (and around, and so-forth) that single frame.

Okay, then… do those moving characters really need to be ray-traced? What, exactly, are you trying to “get” from the ray-tracing? What effect does each one of those oh-so-laboriously computed “rays” actually have on the much-smaller number of “pixels” on the final screen?

Perhaps there is only a single “thing” that really needs all of that spectacular detail. Okay then, ray-trace it, and composite it into your scene.

It’s all about “rendering in passes,” and the current render-engine (with render nodes) is getting pretty darned good at it. Like most programs, Blender has “a big fat easy-to-find button” and a much more sophisticated facility that’s lurking just behind it.

You don’t have a year to spend getting 90 seconds (or less!) of usable footage, and you don’t have to. Break down the job into little pieces. Remember always that what you get is the only thing that’s important, no matter how you wrangle to get there. And “what you get” is, at the end of the day, a rectangular arrangement of pixels… and actually not-that-many of them.

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