Tale of the Lion Pride | Animated Short Film

Okay, so after much discussion with my former 3D teacher over at Discord, and two others, I finally decided to go small with my projects to make animation.

About the film and its origins:
“Tale of the Lion Pride” is a recently generated project I had from the times I watched Disney’s animated The Lion King movies from my childhood. After having watched those for dozen of times during that period, I began to develop an interest of making my own lion movie.

Due to what my teacher once told me, and having sent me a file containing a PDF document, I chose the scope of this film to be a short film. My film will be set in a savannah in Africa, with it being a silent film with only music and sound effects being the only things heard of the entire animation. I am not going through voice acting yet, since I’d like to make short films of precisely 5-7 minutes during my Blender learning experience with the software, without having to worry about getting volunteers or anyone to arrive onboard.

But, that doesn’t mean I can’t ask for help in other of the pipeline forums for a specific need of my animation’s production stage.

Why I came up with the idea:
There are a lot of reasons for this. One is that I wanted to go small on my 3D experience with Blender, and some others that are too long for me to explain in this post.

The development of the idea:
The idea grew once I bought the CGI remake of Disney’s Lion King movie. I haven’t watched it yet, but I will in time during pre-production as I make my own film.

Here, I’ll be showing you all of the process of my film, from drawing the storyboards to the animatic, and finally to draw the look and style of the short film.

At this stage, I’ll be modeling everything from my drawings inside Blender so that I can give life to the film. I’ll even be rigging the models, make tests of the rigs, then animate my models within separate .blend files before I make them into a whole movie in the Video Sequence Editor.

At this final stage of production, I’ll be looking for someone to do the music for me. I am not a musician, so you know, and so I’ll need someone to make a small soundtrack for the finished film before I do the rendering process.

Show to the World:
Here, I’ll be uploading my short film to my YouTube channel where it’ll receive the attention it needs the most after its finished product.

And there you have it! This is what I’m working on at the moment. My script is right now on the first page, I’ll be writing more on it tomorrow after I finish school.

Enjoy your day (or evening, wherever you are), everyone!

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I finished the four-page script to the short film. I’ll now be entering the editing stage later to add some kind of emotional elements to the script.

After the editing, I’ll be doing storyboard inside Blender’s 2D Animation part of the software to get some positions of the characters and how it should be like.

The writing of the script is the least important step for making an animated short film. It should be no longer than 4-5 pages. One for the beginning, three for development, and one for the ending. I, on the other hand, chose the final scene of the last paragraph of page three to be the ending of my short film.

The next step to make a short film is to make a storyboard and an animatic. You can do it in whatever drawing software you choose to do it in, while the animatic is a set of scenes put together from the boards you have drawn in an editing program.

I’m not sure, but can you put all the drawn scenes from the script from within Blender and its Video Sequence Editor? I hope to have an answer to the question, since I don’t have Windows Movie Maker or Premiere Pro, or Sony Vegas to do this.

Later today I’ll begin the editing phase of my script before I make it into a storyboard.