Talender City (wip)

As Blender beginner, I’m enjoying so much making this project :slight_smile:
Talender city is one of my biggest designs to deal with. I started with it years ago, and this project file experienced so many changes; from render engine change, to a complete remake of assets and materials.

First to all, the planned characters for this world are anthro, so you’ll see so many animal references in there.
Talender city is a city full of colors and detailed designs. It has shops, apartmens, market stalls, a castle, town hall with clock tower and many other places. Also I’ve added other details as poster designs on walls, volumetric light, cloth physics on flags and pennants to interact with wind, etc. In this picture, this place is finished about 12%. I have planned finish the castle with some interior rooms, make open squares the city, a dock with a ship, the beach, surroundings and more!