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Scott Launches VFX Talent Search

June 17, 2003

Film director Ridley Scott, whose BLADE RUNNER and ALIEN were acclaimed for their ground-breaking VFX, has launched The Ridley Scott Awards to find Britain’s best new creative talent in the field. They are open to anyone not employed in the business who dreams of a career in film, television or computer games.

The awards have been set up by London-based VFX school Escape Studios, Alias|Wavefront and Apple. The competition is comprised of four categories:

The Moving Picture Company (MPC) Award
for Visual Effects

The Aardman Award
for Animation

The CNX Award
for Motion Graphics

The Lionhead Studios Award
for Games

Details of how to apply for the awards are available at www.escapestudios.co.uk/awards

Bugger, that’s my chances blown then. :<


The word “employed in the business” could be open to interpretation. Couldn’t hurt to ask them for specifics. :wink:

But I work in the world of Film and Television. I transfer film to digital media, using Da Vinci 888 colour correction hardware, for dramas, adverts and films. Part of my job is sound synchronisation.

My hobby is Blender, which makes me dream of a career in 3DCG.

Still think I could be eligable?

I have just checked at the website, you need to update your link in your first post, the ’ . ’ at the end is making it 404.

Hmm maybe the last bit accomodates my situation, “…or those wishing to enter the industry from other areas…”

I can try Cree, thanks,


I don’t know if you’re eligible. They would determine that. That’s why you have nothing to lose by trying. Good luck

ditto. Just try and maybe you will get lucky. If not, nothing is lost.