Talented 3D animators wanted for a medical project

Hi, I didn’t really know which forum I should post this on; I hope I got it right. Oh and I have absolutely no experience in 3D modelling or animation (I’m just the core programmer) so please don’t laugh too much if I describe things in a more simplified (dummy) way.

Ok, here’s my problem in short: A friend of mine and myself are medical students and we’ve put together a program to help our younger colleagues in some of the more difficult courses. What the program itself does is unimportant. What is important is this: We need four 3D animations (.mpeg) to be the logos for each of the chapters in the program. Seeing some of your eye-popingly good work here and how talented you people are, I quickly decided that I best ask someone (or several) experienced 3D artists to do it for us. I want to make it clear that I can’t pay you in any way. I will however mention your name, webpage, grandmother, and all of your cousins, if you like, in the program credits. And since most of you are in this for the plain fun of it, I figured I just might get lucky.

As I said I need 4 and here are their general specifications:

Dimensions: 600x600 pixels
Resoultion: I don’t know. Make it look good, like those cool 3D pictures in your galleries.
Size: under 50 Mb (hope it’ll be enough)
Type: .mpeg
Duration: under 20 sec
Each animation should have a special “theme” and these themes are:
-Human Anatomy
-Cell Biology

You can add some comedy, sci-fi, abstract stuff, or I don’t care what, in the animation just as long as it has one of those general themes. And of course I don’t expect one person to do the entire set of animations, u can do just one or two. Just tell me which theme you like and a couple of days later the rough description of your idea. I can send pictures, web sites, etc. etc. with this content to you to help u get inspired; anything u like. If u have questions feel free to ask them. Oh and the deadline is about 3 weeks from now. Let’s say the 28th of November. That should be enough time, right? (I don’t know how long these things take so I’m guessing here)

Ok, that’s the deal. I hope I can find some enthusiastic and talented people (who think that having their work appreciated by 600 med students is credit enough) to help us out. Thanks in advance for all your input and comments. Interested parties should post a reply here or send me an E-mail or contact me over ICQ.

Jurij Dreo

hmmm, i see 31 people viewed your post and decided not to answer. Maybe it’s because you specified you paid no money…? You see, everyone here models their own ideas for personal satisfaction, or for trying to get a promotion (see the post “santa’s BBQ” ore something like that ;). I think there will be some people who will volunteer, but it will take a while to find them. I’m not saying I can do it, but I’m sure someone here will do it. good luck!

I’d be interested if the timeframe wasn’t so tight…

…I also wasn’t too sure from your post whether you want just a logo doing for each of the chapters or something more complex.

  1. Timeframe: it can be expanded further, up to say the 15th of December but that would be pushing the limits

  2. No, nothing complex is needed. Just a simple animaton in the form of a mpeg (or avi) movie that will be run when the CD starts up.

  3. I was thinking about those 4 animations… well that’s quite a bit of work I suppose, so I guess that you could make a single animation that would cover medicine in general and the program will just run that when the CD starts (and not a different animation in front of each of the chapters).

I’m a Bio Major so I have some background. I might be able to make some nice stuff for you (I’ve got ideas for biochemistry and cell biology. That’s excellent computer graphics material in general.)

I’ll see what I can cook up.

Ok, great. Contact me over ICQ or E-mail as soon as possible and we’ll talk it over.