Talented modeler to have a good at this?

I’m very interested in seeing peoples work on the Blender artist forums and i would very much like to see someone’s model attempt at this little beauty!!

It’s from one of my favorite games and i’d love to see someone give it a try in as much detail as they possibly can (since my skill set of one years Blender experience doesn’t stretch that far) ^_^!!

you could at least try to begin making the 3D model yourself then ask questions as you go along if there is any problems!

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I would absolutely love to but the truth is with something as complex as this i’d have absolutely no idea where to start! :slight_smile:

If you were to give me a starting point i’d love to at least try :’)?

look at main body looks like a squash UV sphere cut at the top and extruded a little to continue wiht the head shape
it’s a start then keep adding extruding and it will slowly take shape!

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Would something like this be pretty easy for you?

… i’d love to see someone give it a try in as much detail as they possibly can…

Easy is not the same as fast, so it’s not realistic that someone would take the time to do this for you just because you would enjoy seeing it! although I am sure for some people it would be fast too.

What RB and I are saying is: jump in and get started, and you’ll get help.:smiley:

Have you readthis? In it you will find this which should cover all your beginning steps here. Your example looks like a very low polygon count model, so quite ideal for first steps.