Talents aside, is our typical laptop faster than toy story 1's combine horse power now?

Just curious.
And also would be a good motivator to tell oneself “You know your laptop basically have all the processing capabilities of all the rendering farm for toy story 1 ? If they can make toy story 1 happen why not you !!!”

Basically because a lot “theys” can do a lot more work than a single “you”? Such a big production needs a lot of manpower.


Sure, if you can at first write, direct, model, animate etc the whole feature length movie, rendering it in TS1 quality level will be the least of your problems.

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If you are able to read, allow me to direct you to the first two words of the title “talent aside”, this is to help those that can read understand that this is a question of processing power equivalences.

@Zoot, the link you have posted reminds me of an article where they say they could re-render the entire Toy Story 1 in less than a day now

I wonder if that means “even on a single machine” or on their present render farm.

Naaa, common. You didn’t ask if we can render it you asked if we can make it happen. And we answered that. It has nothing to do with talent. Just the mere time it takes to tackle those tasks.
And sorry to say that but you have to write what we should read and understand. Not something else.

I tell my students this kind of thing all the time. Our computers and software are so much better now. You could make a better looking movie than toy story 1 using eevee. So if you had a laptop that can run blender 2.8 well, you could hypothetically make toy story 1 on a single laptop.

Yes you understand what I mean ! The fact that we have powerful systems now should be a source of inspiration to them ! We think alike :smiley:

Not to mention that things are way easier to do now. You could do the work of multiple people working on a cg movie in the early 90s in a small fraction of the time.

Yes yes yes ! 100 percent agree !
I wonder what is the total processing power/speed of their computer used for toy story 1 [animating and rendering] and if a single laptop from our time have those powers, it would be an inspiration to share with the kids !!!

This is the imaging computer they used for the first toy story. Your lowest end smartphone has more processing power than these machines.

Not being able to read, I’ll bring in another irrelevant analogue. High quality brushes, canvas and paints are widely available now, so it should inspire anyone to paint like da Vinci, talent aside. But what are you left with, talent aside? Rendering is not something in itself, you need the content, so imho in practical sense this comparison is irrelevant, especially due to law of rendering, where render time will always fill all available resources, no matter what they are.