tales from otago ...

The prospector makes his lonely way through the rugged high country of Otago, to join the many hundreds hoping to
take their share of that illusive mistress that shines like the setting sun …

You put a lot of work into this… I really like the prospector, and the horse is modeled well. Seems like the horse needs hair and the camera could be moved a little.

thanks, yeh i was unsure as to wether hair on he horse was realy necessary, at that distance is it possible to make out
the hair form or just the highlight ?.

I love this, the horse shading seems a bit off, but I just love the combination of colors in the scene, very cool:)

It nice and it seems you put a lot of time into it.However i think maybe the lighting can be changed a little its has little too much contrast.

it is noticable that the horse have no hair (brown area)
the whole picture looks like…a picture. like a drawing like piant. is that intentional?

the mountains looks good especially.

Yes it’s intentionally supposed look more painterly , rather than
being realistic . More to have realism and feel organic.
the mountains material was been made using cycles procedural textures .

i like all this.
but theres a bit difference between the nearer vegetation apearance and other objects in the picture.
the trees for example are a combination between well made realisticly and painty-like. where as the cloaser enviourement looks like a bit of a video game not higly polished.
i think if the closer enviourment would fit the rest of the scene (in style) it would be even better.

hey i just saw you’re from new zealand. im curious about that place.
you have there places like in your picture and better. that scene you made also resemble where the hobbit movie took place, very similar.