Talia Head

Please tear into this, and be critical.

This is my first attempt at a rendering a head. Period. I think it’s turning out ok so far. There’s a ton of details I have to correct still, but this was rapid progress and I wanted to share early.
I had the model laying around from a few months ago when I was figuring out the sculpting tools, and this was shaders, the new cycles strand rendering for the hair, and painting a texture. The whole thing is by hand, I haven’t used any source images, so it’s far from perfect. I did refer to photo ref for a couple things (like the ears, etc) but other than that, it’s completely by what looked right.

The skin shader is AO/Translucent mixed with a diffuse. It’s seemed to give the best effect without resorting to 3/4 texture layers to fake the SSS. I may end up doing that yet because I’m considering animating her now and I would want to get the lighting right for movement. Why not?

Oh, and I don’t think she really has a name yet. I’m working on that. This seriously got done in about 2 days, so I’m sure it still shows a bit. I still welcome any thoughts. Thanks in advance.