Talk about realism, check out his link!

It took Liam Kemp two years @ 2 days per week plus night s and weekend to produce this.

everything looks too static, but its better than I could do so i’ll shut up

The actual animated short itself isn’t particularly realistic. But some of the tests he did before making the animated short are incredible (though they can still be picked out as not real, though not by a large margin).

Yeah, the animation still had the cg feel to it, but it’s hard to be totally realistic when everything is 3d. The animation itself though was very well done and fantastic.

Seen better…good job though. :slight_smile:

and umm…the animation was…

OK, I didn’t like it. I guess I was hoping for a happy ending of some sort. It’s been a rough month and a sad film when your already down is not a good thing.

bah… :frowning:

That needs a bunch of subsurface scattering. The leg shot looks very much like plastic, as do the face shots. Good modeling, but the texturing and rendering…ehhhh…he went too far in trying to achieve the realism. There is a strange phenomenon where renders that capture the feel and personality of a person look a lot more real than those that come within inches (or centimeters, for you people who use real units) of photorealism.

That’s why my signature is what it is. Photorealism has been done. Just grab a camera and even someone with no art skill can achieve it instantly. Capturing someone’s essence, though, is another story.

In case it changes, here’s my sig as it stands now:

“No la toques ya más,
que así es la rosa!”


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I haven’t seen better… especially the movies.

hehheh. you can never be impressed by anything…


Impressed, just not so much that you see no flaws. That’s how I am… each of those has a flaw sticking out in it. The backgrounds are especially lacking, besides some odd texturing in some odd places.

The animating is just stiff enough to not be totally convincing, especially the hair.

End point is that no matter how great it gets, it must be flawless to be looked upon with no criticism. Something very very hard to achieve when you’re doing what this guy did.

I agree with shbaz. It is very good and i think its a huge step forward towards cg realism but after digging through all the bloody hype, I’m a little disapointed.

He favors the scanline “real” approach to 3d production like I do. The raytrace renders offer a good option. But if you don’t have time to spare like most folks I that know, you go with the scanline renders.

You see how good scanline renders can be? If you want to animate anything in 3d that is longer than a few frames such as a gif, go with scanline renders.

Someone may say, “I like that cool render that you have done, but could you make it real big like a banner so that to covers the entire wall? And could you render this by the next day or so?”

It’s cool to have good looking features like Yafray. But you need the scanline rendering option to handle every kind of image output in a realistic time frame.

Blend on!