Talk went well.

Hey everybody!

This weekend I gave a talk at a planetarium mini-conference. I introduced my favorite software (Blender and Terragen), gave a brief demo and showed a few rendered clips. I also handed out a resource list with some websites on it.

So if you run across any newbies…be nice! :wink: They might be planetarium people! (known as “planetarians”)

Seriously, though. Blender was well received. It looks like I’ll be giving a workshop at the larger regional conference this fall. It’s going to be fun!


Nice to new that people try to diffuse Blender! I hope you’ll succeed


I´ll give a Blender course at the school, where I learn. I played often enough with Blender, so at least six or seven of them are very curious about it (even one or two teachers). It´s an awfully nice program.

At the moment I work at a teaser and an interactive list, where they can subscribe to the course. It is very convenient to have a clas-room full with PCs for everyone and a fast network.

Maybe I am even allowed to use the beamer

I will try to make it as painless as possible