Talking donkeys! :) (new funny animation)

(Lyubomir) #1

Hi gang! :slight_smile:
Long time no post from me here.
Here is my newest 10 second animation of two donkeys:

Please, feel free to criticize!
The goal of the contest is character animation, but if you find the metarials and lighting awful, don’t hesitate to tell me :wink: I made 'em in the last moment before the deadline.

Lyubomir Kovachev

(S68) #2


cool! well, material & lightning gives a nice cartoon look, where’s the problem?

Good luck for the contest.


(paradox) #3

Cool, I liked it. Your animations really give your characters life.


(sten) #4

wow…I love it !! you are the best !! :smiley:


(ScottishPig) #5

HAHAH! Great! Some of your best work.

Only one suggestion, the punk-donkey (on the right)- his movements are slightly large towards the first half of the movie. Besides that, amazing.

(Goofster) #6

If this doesnt win, i dont know what does…
excellent work as always, still the master…


(harkyman) #7

Phenomenal. I love it. You are the best.

Maybe it was just playing mpegs on a Mac, but the motion seemed very claymation-like. Slightly lower frame rate coupled with no motion blur? Was this intentional? If so, nice job. If not, oh well, I guess that’s just one more reason to hate working on a Mac.

(Nimrad) #8

This is fantastic animation. Lip sync is spot on, don’t worry about the material or lighting problems with animation that good you don’t notice… trust.



(Lyubomir) #9

What? Lower frame rate? It’s 25 fps. I tried to achieve more cartoony motion though - more snappy with stronger pose holds.


(rndrdbrian) #10

Very nice animation Lyubomir!

I can’t see a problem with the texturing or the materials, or
the animation either!

I like how the Punk Donkey flicks the College Donkey’s tassle!


(valarking) #11

great! dan akroyd from ghostbusters? very very nice!

(Freid) #12

Excellent !! :smiley:


(Lyubomir) #13

OK, here is a new version.
I fixed the motion a bit - it’s more fluid now, not so stiff and cartoony. I also fixed the eye motion of the talking donkey.

Tell me do you think it’s better now?
Other siggestions/critiques?

Here is the old version:

And here is the NEW version:

Looking forward to your opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

Lyubomir Kovachev

(S_W) #14

The only thing I can say about your work is:
Keep it up! :wink: