Talking Head - Hello World

What is animation about?
I believe it is about telling a story!

Telling a story without sound is hard but most ones ignore the sound side
using walk cycles forgetting the “talk cycles” - here is a short one - with both movement of the head and the mouth:

Hello World - How are you doing?

And here is the tutorial - how to do it - sure this is for newbies trying to begin telling stories
not only making walk cycles ALSO talk cycles!!!


WELL - IT WAS 80 YEARS AGO! and still most animations are without sound!

September 1928 also saw the release of Paul Terry’s Dinner Time, among the first animated cartoons produced with synchronized sound. After seeing it, Walt Disney decided to make one of his Mickey Mouse shorts, Steamboat Willie, with sound as well.
WELL - IT WAS 80 YEARS AGO! and still most animations are without sound!
Are you stupids? or? I do not believe you are stupids!
Tell a story with sound! SHOW ME!

And it is about what to tell! McCain or Obama? OR!?., YOU or ME?
Sure YOU or ME - it is hard to grip - better just start telling a story with SOUND!!!

There are lots of blender animations with sound Mr. Crazy :D. In fact, my only two animations have sound.

On your animations, try shape keys for lip synch. just google blender shape keys tutorial, and your sure to find some. Good luck bud.

Just look at “Big Buck Bunny”. No speech there, but the storyline is obvious enough without it. Of course, it does have background music and sound effects, but I don’t think speech is always necessary.

Taken from wikipedia: “Animation is the rapid display of a sequence of images of 2-D or 3-D artwork or model positions in order to create an illusion of movement.”

keyword here is “images.” ANIMATIONS do not require sounds. take mimes for example. they use expression and movement to portray stories; sound is strictly forbidden to a mime. therein lies the challenge of an animator; if you have to rely on sound to have a good animation, then you aren’t a very good animator.

another example is the cinema before sound was introduced. remember charlie chaplin? he never uttered a word (audibly on screen, that is), and yet he told all sorts of stories.

aside from all that, most of the animations you see here on this site are TEST renders. you mentioned walk cycles. a walk cycle is a good exercise, as it teaches the animator to be able to produce animations that can loop seamlessly. it’s a good idea to have sound in the final product, but the sound (unless it’s lip syncing) should be added during the editing process.

and another thing: before you become a critic on ANYONE’S animation, you should learn to do it pretty well yourself. your lip syncing is not even CLOSE to being accurate.

Well - you are talking - belive you have something to say - but better give some links to Blender Animations with sound telling stories!

Elephant dream -. sure -. having sound - lipsync - but not telling anything of Obama - McCain!

I believe - WE have the chance to tell - Obama - McCain are just puppets - better our I:s make some puppettering - telling stories with BLENDER - so let us have some links - telling stories about our world now - my charcter telling: HELLO WORLD! HOW ARE YOU DOING?

Well - let us try to give some answers to that!
80 years after lip sync was introduced! LET US BEGIN TO SAY SOMETHING!
Some good Bender links with talk and sound?

No SOUND here:
GOOD - I love you - guys and dolls - but perhaps better let our charcters speak out!
Give me some links to speaking Blender characters!
Thanks in advance!

obama mccain!!! what are you talking about???

Not Obama McCain, Obama – McCain. I think he meant to type an ampersand. Either that, or a comma. Or something. Yeah, that’s it. Something. :S

still… what is he talking about?!? if it’s something political, i don’t think this is the forum for that at all.

My animation Definitely tells a story :smiley:

and it has sound…

I enjoyed it,Thanks for sharing all that stuff.

This is great! 'Hello World - how are you doing?"

Ha ha ha ha!!!

Perfect! I love it.