Talkin'Live about Blender...

Arf, BLENDER-TeamSpeak2Server is Down :frowning:
There is another :

I can not do a publicAnnoncement, then… I do it here :

I have made open a TeamSpeak2 BlenderChannel ; to join server, U need (Win/Linux)
TS2 is a multiUsers VoiceOnIP then U need microphone & headphone !

To connect :

menu Connection\Connect :

Label : [D3-2] SeRVeuR Team Speak
Server Adress :
NickName : YourNickName
X Anonymous
Server PassWord :
X AutoReconnect
Default Channel : BLENDER
Channel PassWord : blender3d

If we are many, we got a BLENDER dedicatedServer :slight_smile:

If U got pb : #blender-fr

Very cool! I’d definitly be interested in helping people out realtime. Although for some things text can be more clear, it’s more personal to communicate through speech. Things could also get done faster this way. I’ll download and log on tomorrow. Maybe I’ll get to hear the voices behind the words of some people I know here on the forum. Thanks for the heads up!