Modeled this on Thanksgiving day.




i checked the link.Only one crit.The background picture is too low def.I can almost see the pixels.The horse modelling isnt bad but could use some better texturing.The only main problem here is the texturing.If u can adjust that i think it would come out well.

Everything looks good except for the water and background. Like trak said, it’s way too low res. Your water looks like a carpet. Get some better textures for it. Overall, it’s still a good image (especially the horse)

The background is like that on purpose, if I painted a picture like this on canvas I would NEVER make the background as sharp as the horse,. The horse is the picture.
You are not seeing pixels that is a canvas -like effect on the water that I tried, as far as better texturing I can’t agree. I don’t use photos I paint everything and I think I could not paint the horse textures any better.


i didnt know that you painted the textures and background.You should have mentioned that on your post.Anyways in that case it is pretty good.But something is missing it.I just can’t figure out what.

…I’m reasonably sure you didn’t paint the mountains. Not photos. Terragen, maybe, but I don’t think it was painted. That and the water’s ‘canvas’ effect is a photoshop filter.

And the background isn’t just blurry (blurry’s fine, btw) it’s low-res. I can see the bicubic filtering artifacts and the lossy jpeg compression blocks underneath them.

background is 100% terragen, without a doubt. Not painted at all.

Fair enough that you want the horse to be the focus, but the way it’s done at the moment just looks wrong.

The horse is nice tho :slight_smile:

The horse is superb… but all the background is owfull =|
Maybe you cold make another enviroment??? Five stars are guranted in that case! =)

The light should come from the sun and not the other way. It contradicts the shadows of the backgound, which as mentioned before, it’s too low res and compressed.

I never said I painted the background just the HORSE tex nothing else. The background is actually a screenshot form a sim game that I have. The water was added on and I used the canvas effesct on it. Whenever I write something people misunderstand me. Just the horse texures I painted. DIthi, you have a good eye I used the background image and consider it artistic license. Seems everyone hates my background. I will look fro another and post it, but to repeat I used to paint photorealistic images and one rule I was taught make the bckground less important than the foreground, that’s what i tried to do and I should have used a photo for the background not a screenshot. Thanks for the comments.

UPDATE This is the new background It looks much better now. I learned my lesson.

about a billion times better :slight_smile:

Madcow, a billion times better, maybe it is good enough for the gallery . . . . . Nah
I don’t think they like my type of tradtional art.


Lol, art is art. You have a different style than some here but that’s part of what makes this piece elegant and flawless! Great job and keep posting, remember, great minds think differently!
Blend it up!