[Tame nudity] Blender animator wanted for a crazy game

Hello everybody,

I’m seeking a Blender animator to help me on a crazy game mod known as “Attack of the Anatomically Correct Charmanders!” It’s a fun little game that’s meant to be a bit out of the ordinary so people are interested and play it. :slight_smile: It’s got all the programming and modelling done but no animation, but it’s fun to play.

Here an existing thread for the project: http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=24248. But if you want to see what’s been done so far, I have uploaded some images for you (tame nudity warning for the charmander). I can upload more if you like. :slight_smile:





The models have already been done by somebody else, so it’s just an animation job. The output needs to be a series of PNG images (16 directions) rather than a rigged model – meaning that the number of frames would be quite low overall. The number of animations and models is quite large but we can talk about removing some if you think any are excessive.

As far as payment goes, this would mainly be something funny that you can put on your portfolio (and say “I worked on that!” :p). I do have a few hundred dollars available though so you wouldn’t be working for nothing. :slight_smile:

I haven’t posted anywhere else about this, so God willing this forum has plenty of people who are interested. :smiley: Feel free to email me at kilkakon at gmail dot com if you are interested or just reply here. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time!

You probably should change the title (hit the edit button for your post and change it there) and put the ‘tame’ nudity warning there so people don’t get fired over dino-porn.

Dino porn? Oh my eyes! My poor virginal eyes! :stuck_out_tongue:

The models look good. Got an level geometry to show… I know you’re after an animator, but you have me curious now.

Okay thanks for the suggestion Uncle Entity. Consider it done! :RocknRoll:

Here’s some screenshots for you BTolputt! As you can see the game’s using temporary sprites that I have done in Paint as without an animator I can’t put the lovely models ingame! As for the levels themselves, they are pretty basic at the moment (I need a mapper as well, but it’s a specialised thing for the engine, not something that can be done in Blender). I’m seeking a mapper to help out as well (it’s an engine-specific thing, not a Blender thing) but if necessary I can put on my learner’s cap and do it myself. :slight_smile:



I’ve decided that I’ll attempt to make a one-level demo with a level that’s visually impressive. I’ve done some work on a level already, although it may take a little while as Uni’s about to start again which will reduce my free time. I’ll be sure to let you people know when there’s something interesting to play! I understand that the screenshots look a bit lacklustre so that’s why I believe a demo could be vital.

Please let me know if anybody’s interested. :slight_smile: