Taming a Kraken's arms - Path radius & tilt questions

I’m working on a scene which depicts a boat being assaulted by kraken tentacles, and I would like experience/advice from others in regards to wrangling them into the positions I want them in.

(note: this is for a static model, and will not be animated. bones are not out of the question, but are in an area that I have zero experience with.)

I have a single tentacle set up so far, and am using a curve profile to give it a flattened sort of look along where suction cups will be. In order to not have this flat area not just facing randomly, I’m using the “tilt” value for each vertex to rotate it along the length of the arm.

However, I don’t know if this is because I’m doing this process out of order or if I’m missing a tool setting, but when I get things facing the right way, if I then go to extend or adjust the arm to make it wrap around something tighter, moving a point at one end of the arm seems to affect the entire length of the arm, including the tilt.

Is there a better process for doing this, or some means of keeping things organized? Is this even the optimal way to make such an object, or is there a method that is just as fast but is more friendly to adding suckers later?

Thanks. :slight_smile: