Tamuna - Sketchbook

Hello everyone! I’m very new to Blender, recently made a transition from Maya. My focus in 3D ins character creation, but I decided to get the hang of all aspects of Blender (loving every second of it, by the way), and I’m making this sketchbook to keep the results of my Blender journey as I’m hopping from a tutorial to a tutorial and trying to implement the learnt material into my own ideas.
Feel free to leave any kinds of comments - from greetings to harsh critiques. Hopefully I’ll have a lot to add here. :slight_smile:

A variation on the first one :slight_smile:

Welcome, and great start. The water is looking good in both of those.

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Thank you :slight_smile: the terrain does leave room for improvement though. :slight_smile:

This started by following a very quick tutorial for producing a simple starry sky in Blender Cycles, then I saw fit to add space fog and a spinning planet. The link to the aforementioned tutorial is below, for those who are interested:
BlenderBinge Tutorial

Supposedly an underwater scene :see_no_evil: Had fun exploring some addons too.

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I think it could use some bubbles and shells, maybe a fish :wink:

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True :slight_smile: I might add bubbles, if I get back to it. I wanted some caustics on the seafloor too, but couldn’t find a tutorial for Eevee :frowning:

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Just tried combining blender with World Machine. The render is very low quality, I know. I refrained from eliminating fireflies on purpose to have a fast render, but the shadow artifacts on the terrain i simply failed to eliminate :confused: