Tangent movement constraints


how can i make a tangent constrains, so that:

the red pice of stiff material/mesh
is moving towards the blue rolls,
and between the rolls it is always rightangled/tangent,
so that it rotats around to the left/right…

i played aronud with a cuve (green in the middle)
but can’t figure it out :confused:

see, awful drawing

I think i understood your question, it s like pasta being made but it doesn’t bends right? Well, if is that, what you can do is make this green line a curve. Afeter that constrain the rolls with a “follow path” to the this curve, marking the “follow curve” option… here comes my trick and what came to my mind first: with the constraint done like i said, you parent the camera to the rolls and animate in along the path, so by camera’s view you´ll see the curve moving, not the rolls… it will work if its an animation, not a game… so, i expect you understand my idea and that i had understood your question… lol…


yes, sergio - you got it :wink:
your idear is really good - but I can’t do it this way,
because there are a lot of other things around,
don’t wanne move the complete scene along the path :wink:
I’ll play with it around …
^^ I guess there is no ez solution for this …

this is a “little” bit round the corner but i got it basically …
^^ you’ve got something better ?? so tell us :yes:

I’ve made:

  1. beziercurve that moves along x - with bevel, so i can see it
  2. ^parented to “empty-move”

duplicted curve

  1. duplicated the curve
  2. add another empty “empty-constr” that does follow the duplicated curve

movement transfer

  1. add constraint to “empty-move”
  2. copy location: y & invert & offset
  3. copy roation: z

the tricky thing:
animate the “empty-constr” offset inside “follow path” constr.
so that movement of the original curve and the empty on the other curve match

^^ i guess i don’t need to duplicate: I’m playing around…

Put a mesh on a curve deform modifier.