Tangent Normal Map Creases at Seams


So i’m having some trouble with a normal map. I exported a model from the game ‘witcher 3’ and the normal map looks fine as a diffuse emission.

But when i apply it as a Normal Map - Tangent it looks like this.

I’ve never experienced this problem before so im quite stumped.

Heres the .blend with the texture packed

Thanks in advance!

just tried it. no problem here, weird.

This is what you pay for such an unwrap imho.
Green line indicates where not needed (not acceptable, rather) cut in UVs is made, one island is rotated 180 deg and as soon as there is a slightest texture non-sticking due to texture stretch you immediately see discontinuity in surface normals.

Weirrd, the uv unwrap is how it came. Works fine in the games engine. Its odd how it worked for mazedev :open_mouth:

EDIT: For a temporary workaround, i made a normal map using Photoshop cc’s inbuilt creator. The map it creates is garbo but i just use the section were im having problems with the seam and erase the rest and use the original map. I’m guessing is creates the correct rgb directions or whatever normals need.

What version of blender are you using? I’m using 2.77a. Maybe i should try a fresh install