Tangent normal map issue on 2.5

Hello everyone!
I’m having this trouble while trying to use tangent normal maps on the latest release of blender 2.5, I dont know if it is a bug or if Im losing something.

Right, I finished my model applied the mirror and did the UV unwrapping. Duplicated the low poly model, put a multires modifier, did the sculpting and baked the tangent normal map. Nothing special here.
The issue comes when Im trying to use the baked img on the lowpoly model. I do everything just like im used to on erlier versions: aplly the tex on the UV map marking the option that says that it’s a tangent normal map and set the influence to the normal and make the value of 1. The render result isnt quite what i expected, the material is all black like it was receiving no light at all. I’ve tried playing with some options on the materials pallete but no results here is a img that shows the render result:


All right, so I opened the .blend on 2.49, rendered it and it worked just fine, just like i wanted. At this point I could say that it was somethig not done yet by the developers of 2.5, but things just got stranger.
I saved the 2.49 version on a diferent file, and when I render it on my build of 2.5 it works just fine!!! Here is a reference.


So what im trying is to find some diferent setting on the original file and the one saved from 2.49, but i cant find anything!!!

So, has someone had a similar problem, any suggestions???


Well its hard since you’re the only person who can actually look at the settings in your blend file. Maybe give someone a helping hand by attaching it to your post ?


Yeah, u r right, my bad! :o

here they are:


workin.blend (644 KB)notWorking.blend (731 KB)


missing normalmap, please pack with blend or upload.

HAHAHA!!! What is my problem dude?!?!?!

Sorry, the normal map is here…(changed it from tga to png 'cuz the host didnt support it).


I’m experiencing a similar problem…

Is it a bug, maybe?

Oh, I think I may know what the problem is:

The normal amount is probably up to high. Try turning the normal amount to something like .2

Hi there. I use Blender 2.55. And yes it seems very different when it comes to handling normals n textures.

Did you only make a normal map? Or did you make a color map too? Either way when you apply a normal map on the TEXTURE tab go down to Influence, and make sure color is unchecked and everything else also. Only allow Geometry: “Normal” to be the influence. You can change the number on it also to control how you want the normals to be influenced too so it’s pretty neat. Your have more control over how the normals appear. Also on Image sampling make sure “Normal Map” is checked and below that select tangent.

I hope this helps! Jesus bless you.

I had this problem, try adding uv-coords to the model. and then selecting in the Texture settings, worked for me.