tangent shading and unwrapping

I’m trying to simulate metallic reflections using the tangent shading option. Although I UV unwrapped the object it is still not rendered as intended (the object is completely white).

You can take a look at the file at http://www.samguzman.com/upload/data/tangent01.blend

Maybe there’s just one small detail missing…?

A couple things, actually.

One. Your mesh, in blender 2.42a, needs to have smooth shading on. Two, your mesh needed to be subdivided at least once(on the z axis, in this case), so the tangent would have something to tangent across.

One other thing. Though it isn’t neccesary, having a closed mesh doesn’t hurt because other-wise it won’t shadow itself properly. If you want to keep it a tube, then just select all the faces and extrude them inwards. (extrude, then to scale them just press s to scale, and then shift+z to toggle scaling off on the z axis so the mesh won’t bevel by accident)

And once that’s done, you can prolly crank the colour and reflectivity back up from black and 0, respectively.

Hope this helps. :]

Many thanks for your help. “Set Smooth” did what I was looking for. I’ll also try the other hnts.