tangent-space normal maps not working (2.46) - solved!

I’m trying a very basic texture map, not using UV, just the texture layer pipeline.
I’m importing a bmp that represents a normal map. I’m setting the ‘normal’ button, and to ‘tangent’ space, in the image settings. In the material textures pane I’ve got the ‘nor’ button set and slider around 2.
The object is just a simple plane with one camera and lamp.
I get no normal bumps. If I change the image settings to ‘object’, ‘world’ or ‘camera’, I get bumps, once I’ve messed with the orientations appropriately of the plane, camera and/or lamp. The plane lights up, just has no texture. If I unclick the ‘normal’ button and map it the old-fashioned way, it works.
Is there a special requirement to get the ‘tangent’ setting to work?

From my experience the tangent option is not neccesary, I just set normal map in the image settings, and viola, perfect normalmaps.

I just opened in 2.46 a file I made in 2.44 that used TSNM, checked that things were set up as you describe, and got the expected normal surface rendering. My maps and models are all UV-mapped, though, so maybe try that (not a difficult thing with a plane).

also, maybe post your normal map image?

@CyDrag’n – a properly-made TSNM image can be used as to produce a surface modulation in all modes, but for it to work properly you need to activate the Tangent option in the Map Image tab. Tangent Space Normals are also the only ones which work correctly with animated objects afaik.

In order for tangent space normal maps to work they must be mapped to UV coordinates. Unwrap your mesh and set the map input to UV.

UV maps worked, thanks for the tip. My landscape now looks way awesome!