tangent space normal maps now possible in blender

heard the good news… now blender renders tangent space normal maps… read more about it here…


well now we can make cool normal maps for our game models… yes this is in the news section… just thought it should be mentioned here to!:slight_smile:

you can use the program xnormal also, which s what i’ve been doing, but i was hoping this feature would come to blender for a while, so yay


I don’t fully understand how to use the whole thing, can anyone tell me?

You just need to UV unwrap your base mesh and then just bake the tangent normal map from a presumably more detailed version of the base mesh to the UV map . You can find the Bake panel in the scene context (F10) . It is tucked behind the Anim panel by default .
Now the new tangent feature is only available in SVN builds (Graphicall.org), but in the current version of Blender there is already a baking function available though the normal baking is based on the camera space for some reason . And it is very easy to bake a map as you just have to hit the “Bake” button once you have a UV map to bake to that is …

Thanks. I was wondering what SVN was when I was checking out the site.