Tangled Fan Art

In the blend file below I don’t include the background image because it would probably be illegal. Enter a 1920x1080 image in the compositor image node and you have this result:

Fan Art tangled image

Link to blend file with a blue guy.

I cant believe that this has no comments at all …its really great work !! I love it.
I think you should show up the picture in the threat …everybody is probably to lazy to click the link :slight_smile:
and thanks for the blend

Hey, Coco is so cool character! Great work, thanks for sharing. I like the rig, too!

Absolutely fantastic!!

Hah! That’s hilarious! You should edit your post and make it visible in the thumbnail- upload it as an attachment in the first post I think.

I love the Grover rig, well done. Thanks for posting the .blend!

outstanding work! I’d agree with everyone else that you should include a thumbnail in the first post.