Still very much a WIP, and the image is cropped because, well, I haven’t modelled the rest, yet.

this is a really good start.

OK, Finished the head and neck, though still some UV work to do on it. Tweaked materials.

The bridge still has to be modelled (just a placeholder right now), and I haven’t started on the control panel for electric acoustic playing.

No strap button (or strap, for that matter) yet.

And some more work done. Fixed the bridge and set the head back (I forgot that on the last render). More UV tweaking, and made a start on the control panel. Also fixed the fingerboard, and added the strap button (still no strap).

OK, I had the wrong number of frets, now fixed and added the fret indicators. Started on the strap, tweaked the materials a little more and changed the environment ready for final stages.

Looking nice, do like me a Tanglewood. :slight_smile:

Great job here Roken! I don’t visit too often the the wip page but I liked your guitar work. One of the things I would improve is the material: maybe add some randomness on reflections with a spec map and adding some PBS features like fresnel. Nice work!


Thanks for the comments guys. There is PBS fresnel on literally everything. I suspect the textures will start to pop when I get around to the final lighting setup. At the moment it’s a fairly basic main, two fill and a sun. Working on finishing the model first. Latest update and looks like I’m getting there.

For the afficionados out there, it is specifically a Tanglewood TW12NS-E (I know, because I’m using my own as reference).

Mine’s A Tanglewood Oddessey II (lefty), took me 1 minute of playing to decide to buy it. :slight_smile: Nice guitars.

What I find odd is, the TW12NS-E comes as a 12 string or 6 string, with the 6 being considerably rarer. Reckon I got myself a bargain with it.

Must re-do myine in Blender, my old model was done in Lightwave, back when I knew very little about 3D. :slight_smile:

I didn’t like the strap, so started it over. Box modelled this time instead of trying to cheat it with a spline. Nearly done now. Just have the knot on the lace holding the strap to the head to do.

Its been really great to see this progress through the various stages. The strap is much better in this version, can’t wait to see the final render, great work.

Thank you. I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed it.

Final render now added in Finished Projects :slight_smile: