Tank, AAV7

Hi everyone,

the last week i’ve modeled and textured the amphibious tank “AAV7”. I’ve started the project because i wanted to do some easy modeling work and have fun on texturing a vehicle.
Modeling and texturing is finished so watch my uploads. Texturing was done with smart UV unwrap and texture painting in blender.

watch it on sketchfab

Maybe i will add some more stuff to it (soldiers) and/or i will make an animation with it…

stats: ~70.000 tris, ~40h work


Hey, brilliant render. I was actually surprised this was only blender texture painting !
I few ideas on improving this :

  • i would suggest adding simple bumpy-ness via a normal map for example on the side of the tank in the last image (it is looking too unrealsticly perfectly smooth)
  • You did suggest adding something to it like soldiers, but (unless you’re as good modelling humans as you are modelling tanks :stuck_out_tongue: ), the best way to exploit this model would be one or more still images, without any people in them. Instead, try working on a simple background, for example a desertic scene, or a warzone style atmosphere (you know what I mean :stuck_out_tongue: ). You don’t need to work on it alot since you can just blur the background, to keep the viewer’s focus on the tank :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to seeing what this is going to turn into !

Actually i have just seen your other work, so nevermind what i said about the soldiers, go ahead and model them if you feel like doing so XD

very nice texturing, specially the rusty metal grids and parts.
It seems the vehicle doesn’t come straight out of the factory and has played its part in some maneuvers already. In order to improve the ‘used’ look, I could imagine some asymmetrical dents and scratches here and there (not all over the tank, only locally) could improve realism even further.
Also, maybe some dried up mud splashes on the lower parts of it, or some dirt and grass patches or sand (depending on the background) in the caterpillar drive might enhance the realistic impression.
If the model isn’t intended to go as ‘low poly’ for a game, I would also suggest to refine the curved seam of the back door, since I noticed the curve has some corners.

Really nice work. I think you can get even better results if you use some bump maps/specular lighting. Just be sure does not look like plastic in the end.