Tank Animation Setup

I am not sure if this is really a “finished project”, but it felt like a project and I now believe that is complete (so I am posting here).
I have been working with some tank animation ideas, using the platform setup by VanPelt (great help BTW). I am attaching a basic tank animation tutorial, and blend file, starting off where VanPelt left off.
The blend file has a basic animation and a somewhat detailed track setup. Just add the rest of the tank details and start animating.
Feel free to use this blend for whatever you like.
I hope this is helpful and I would love to see some videos using this setup.

edit I forgot to mention that there are items on different layers in the blend file (and I added a quick render of what is in the blend file)


thx - I’ll have this handy if I ever want to animate my tank :slight_smile:

I hope it works for you Claws.

If you do end up animating a tank with this post the video here so I can check it out.

Here is a quick animation test that I made (adding a few more details).

What do you think?



Thanks for this info. I’ll make sure to look this up when I get around to actually animating my tank.

Nice tank - and nice animaton.