Tank Animation

hello everyone,
So i was working on a tank a while ago and the modeling is almost done, and right now i’am searching for a way to animate the shock wave, from shooting a barrel, on the tank itself.meaning i want the tank to pull back or suddenly slowdown while moving when shooting. Any suggestions??

this is how the tank looks now


is this animation for general purposes? if so you can animate vertexes in blender 2.67a and up. but you have to switch on animall in preferences.

Have you watched any reference videos?

That looks really nice.

You can make your cannon in two parts, and have the outer part slide back slightly and then out again when it fires. Just play around with the f-curves to get the motion you want. It’s pretty simple.

You might also put a little backwards jolt on the tank as well when it fires.

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there is no need to seperate the tank into 2 parts.

simply select the top part of the tank, do a split between the upper and lower half, and animate it via the vertexes using animall.

this videos a bit late in the blender line, and it’s in versions loooong before 2.81 but it gives you some basic idea on how to use it.

you should do it this way for 2 reasons, one being that you can export the whole mesh as just one object and not several, and two so you don’t have to reconfigure the recoil every time the head turns.

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yes I’ve did, but iam asking for a process like a tutorial or something.

the backward jolt on the tank that’s what i want to do,but the question is how?

select all top verts, split from rest of mesh, but keep in the same object, then add a keyframe, move forward on the timeline, move turret back again, add another keyframe, move further forward on the timeline than before, put verts back and add another keyframe. it’s easy.

Almost done modeling. For the past three two days i was working on the machine gun and the stand base.
any opinions?

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finished with modeling!!.. 2 months later without 3d. Anyway i will post the steps from almost the beginning to the final render.

First render

added unnoticeable changes added sky texture

Added lots of things but mainly the machine gun

added front and rear lights and additions to armor

nothing changed much added some extra details

added some procedural textures

changed sand texture with some extra textures

more textures and accessories

added stone particles + trail for more realism


Final render with some extra fixes and better trails… maybe?

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Finally the final render!!
added old boats and dead shrubs to the area, I personally like it iam happy with the render

this is a photoshopped version added some blur and sand trails and some unnoticeable heat distortions

this is still the beginning right now i have a weak pc cant even render smoke.
so, ill put this project on the side for now and ill work on something new
hope you like it and i really would appreciate some critiques

check out my insta account for more projects www.instagram.com/tntcraft2015

Hello guys,
here is an unrendered animation i forgot to post… not completely done. I consider this as the first step.
tell me what do you think.

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slick man.

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