tank game WIP help please

hi this is my first post
im making my second game ever in blender my first one was a marble game
so ive been making a tank game which will be a simple game with an environment that you go and blow up things (thats the aim of the game).
so far ive made the tank it has these features-

  • go forward, backward, rotate the whole tank around left and right

  • rotate the turret around sepperatly from the base of the tank

  • aim the barrel up and down seperate from the base of the tank and the turret

  • shoot missilesso my tank is working pretty well.
    now i have a couple of problems-

  • why does only one of the sounds i want to put in the game work (they are all .wav). the other ones dont make a sound at all not even in the listener in blender

  • how can i make it so that players can not aim the barrel down through the tank or rotate it around backwards. in other words the barrel can be rotated 360when it should only go like 90( how can i limit this movement because collision doesnt work. my first problem is more annoying though.

welcome a board in BA forum :slight_smile:

try converting the sound that didn’t work in jet audio , sometimes some formats refuse to play in blender .

even if it was WAV .

COOL, my second game, besides my ball game, was also a tank game with same exact stuff! lol, along with sound issues… just like urs. I was to lazy to fix em though.

Hmm, I have used sound files only once. What I discovered, is that I had to play it first with the play button to get Blender to recognize it.

Might help.

For the barrel, you could set up planes for collision dectection then do nothing, so the player has to move it the other way?

Im sure someone has a better answer though, smile.

ok i fixed the sound issues thanks
but i still cant get the second problem fixed about the barrel going through the tank and the ground

and i found a new problem- the tank doesnt go up hills properly it still stays flat see the picutre

and also the tank slides along the ground and ive set movement dampning to the highest level

probably your “tank” should/must be an “actor/Rigid body”?!
As your barrel, maybe?!

ah yes i forgot to press the rigid button:o thanks

but it didnt fix the barrel going through i think its because using usin an empty to rotate by the keyboard with the barrel parented to it.

the game so far