Tank garage

Decided to scrap my previous tank scene until i get a computer that can handle more than 1 tank.
Anyway heres what im doing at the moment. Im aiming for realism but something doesnt seem right any ideas. Note im using blenders internal renderer as yafray crashes on my comp with such a high poly scene.
The other problem is the emptyness i’m going to model a army truck to fill this space though.


VERY hard to see anything, i think the ground texture or what ever that is is very large in comperison to what it should be… there is no backround image??

not to sure about that lil light the tank or what ever that is gives off

maybe light up the scene a bit more and repost?? couze its like imposinle to see anything

Lower the contrast on the ground and add a small bump map for it. Improve the lighting on the tank and maybe some better bricks

Perhaps you could motivate the lighting of the garage with some flouro strips, most garages have those. And have you added a DOF effect as the ground seems blurry in the distance, it just seems a bit severeve for a wide angle shot.