tank I made for Scorced 3D

Hi all,

here is a tank I made for scorched 3D…

I call it the “Chubby Limy”,it was inspired by the tank on Metal Slug, and an old Sherman tank.

Greatest use of 190 polys I have ever made :smiley:

Here is a shockwave flash file, I did a 360 degree turntable:

after I get a few tanks I am thinking of throwing them all in the same .Blend file, and making a Bzoo game like the old atari 2600 classic, COMBAT!

well anyways, let me know what you think :smiley:

Very nice, looking forward to playing the game and seeing them in action.

Really nice for 190 polys.

cute!! Its so little!

Glad you guys are liking it!!

Here is the Scorched 3D model, if you guys want to use it in your server:

it works perfectly ingame .

Think I may make another tonight, this is a fun small projects.